Version 0.4

2015-03-27: Open Greedy v0.4 released:

Version 0.3

2015-01-27: Open Greedy v0.3 released:

Version 0.2

2014-10-13: Open Greedy v0.2 released:

Version 0.1

2014-09-15: Open Greedy v0.1 is out!


Select the binary that matches your operating system and architecture. An accelerated video driver as well as SDL version 2 and SDL_mixer version 2 dynamic libraries are required on Linux. SDL libraries are provided for the Windows and Mac OS versions. The source code is also available on github.

Version 0.4

Linux generic binary (64 bits)1.0Mf616e650ef77b76434520e8176ad292a
Linux generic binary (32 bits)1019K81b48977942aaaee0673cd685c3143bf
Mac OS X disk image4.2M7b11b8a4c141f125cc404333d18271d2
Windows binary1.6Ma6fa9ca533b514b3798600c11aab71a6
Source code420K81d0b9db5bfeada342328442bf08ce00

Previous versions...

Version 0.3

Linux generic binary (64 bits)1.01M701f9bac3dea4f3e9d9238499b05e5d3
Linux generic binary (32 bits)1.01M0642beb4678468cf7d2ef3b58ec562fa
Mac OS X disk image4.2Me326e3f96d639d5a2a29ebf463d53331
Windows binary1.62M69018d846ddd8db336cb6b03254900ce
Source code143K70751cf223133dd8dfafe9d68b0c6473

Version 0.2

Linux generic binary (64 bits)1.0Ma6f0cdf066697c710705795516ec2f69
Linux generic binary (32 bits)1.0M94a236bae3f4cbab8ae2f0e59f3c1431
Mac OS X disk image4.4M2b86e51352601b0e3b72307fae85a693
Windows binary1.7Mfbed36d61e3ada6c105de5688de88697
Source code108Kae130cfdcc93cbb3b2d03c33badc22a1

Version 0.1

Linux generic binary (i386)1007K48841fe9933ffdbe491b479081e56490
Linux generic binary (i386, no data)176Kc02e19a0d2a6069f902a5549942e90c9
Linux generic binary (amd64)1006K2e98c9d5ac229cc1f9587fe5ff3e99cd
Linux generic binary (amd64, no data)175Kb6257d856b505eb8a4eeb7267a0179aa
Windows binary (i386)1.6M38dc32f7e6754bb3ff205a20ff4f49ad
Windows binary (i386, no data)740Kd2e68459d8f1fe0cf218225eb5f3b490
Greedy XP data pack660Ka65980a717b1ca43d5a3470e284d3b16
Default data pack190K5ce1e2bcdb4bda195cd0a3da7697089a
Source code98K37e78da400ab865a7d0ecb7eff33b084


A few screenshots of the game using Greedy XP skin:

How to play?

Main menu

From the main menu, use the arrow keys to change your selection and press Return to select it. Press Escape to quit the game. Use also Escape to return to the main menu from other screens (game, hall of fame, credits...).


During the game, use the arrow keys to control the pacman and eat all the pacgums to advance to the next level. The order in which the arrows are pressed is recorded so that you can press more than one and better negotiate the corners. Each pacgum gives 10 points.

Press P to pause the game.

The number of lives remaining is shown at the bottom right of the top panel. You lose one each time a ghost catches up with the pacman. One life is gained every 30,000 points.

Use Shift to temporarily activate your shield and prevent your pacman from being eaten by the ghosts. You have to collect shield bonuses before you can activate it. The number of shields available is shown left to the number of remaining lives.

Use Control to boost your pacman. The amount of available booster is displayed as a gauge on the top right corner of the panel. You can reload it by collecting related bonuses (single and double hearts). Each time you advance a level, you are granted a small amount as well.

In-game options

OptionEffectGreedy lookDefault look
Jewelsadd a jewel to the rainbow - fill it up to gain one lifediamondbubble
Magic jeweladd one jewel missing to the rainbow - fill it up to gain one lifediamondbubble
Single boostersmall booster reloadsingle hearthalf battery
Double boosterlarge booster reloaddouble heartfull battery
Super pacgummake ghosts eatable for some timewhite gumwhite gum
Extra lifegives one lifepacmanblinking pacman
Pacman slow downpacman is as slow as the ghostspacman and tortoisepacman with red down arrow
Pacman speed uppacman is twice faster as the ghosts.pacman and harepacman with green up arrow
Shieldtemporarily prevents pacman from dyingiron pacmanpacman with white glow
Diettemporarily prevents pacman from eating gumsred crossed gumred crossed gum
Suicidekills the pacmanwhite skullred crossed pacman
Ghosts banquetghosts temporarily eat the gumsghost and gumghost and gum
Ghosts wipeoutghosts are destroyedred crossed ghostred crossed ghost
Ghosts slow downghosts are very slowghost and tortoiseghost with green down arrow
Ghosts speed upghosts are as fast as pacmanghost and hareghost with red up arrow
Ghosts lockdownghosts temporarily cannot move and can be eatenZZZgrey ghost
X2pacgums gives 20 pointsx2x2
Next leveladvance to the next levelplusplus
Previous levelrewind to the previous levelminusminus
Casinoone-armed bandit - gain up to 1200 pointsflipping coinblinking coin
Surpriseone random optionquestion markquestion mark